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We proudly have a diverse and culturally diverse Centre. We will continue to strive to learn new traditions and incorporate them into our program planning.
 Our staff is there for you and will help in any way that they can.

Please feel free to talk with them at any time.


We feel that it is important to work with parents/guardians to ensure good nutritional development of the children.

The development of good eating habits is critical for young children as these eating habits will form a foundation for healthy eating in adulthood.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Bridlewood Children’s Centre…

The Mission of Bridlewood Children’s Centre is:
To Establish and Maintain a safe, nurturing setting that will foster children’s cognitive, social, physical, creative and emotional development.

The program will provide experiences that enhance and enrich each child’s development. Each child will have opportunities to create and explore the environment, learn problem solving and personal interaction skills, to make positive and appropriate choices.

Striving to promote a Multicultural and Inclusive Environment.
Our Open Door Policy promotes family involvement.

Play is child’s choice and child directed. Staff will serve as positive role models and provide care that is nurturing, supportive and responsive to each child’s needs and development.

For each child to be all that they can be. To be true to themselves.

Quick News & Events

Drop-In Playschool at Southland Leisure Centre

Wednesdays at 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Drop-in Playschool at Southland Leisure Centre. Want to sample some Playschool activities including educational play centres, gym time, arts & crafts, and circle time based on a variety of themes? Southland Leisure Centre has Kinderschool for 3 to 5 year olds on Mondays and Wednesdays. Pre-book your space by the day prior by calling 403-648-6558. Cost is $13.05 per time slot ($7.85 for passholders). For more information, call 403-648-6550.

Location: Southland Leisure Centre – 2000 Southland Drive SW
Category: Drop in & Ongoing Activities